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Acrylic Workshop Jun 2014

After what seemed like a short while we arrived at the dates for our latest acrylic workshops, Saturday 7 and Tuesday 14 June. We had a couple of members from our Stotfold group come and join in the fun with our regular Ware crowd on Saturday.


The subject for this workshop was how to create an acrylic painting using the techniques of the old masters. Prior to everyone arriving on both days Anne had set up two still life subjects. One of them a cider jar with two clementines and a tulip and the other a blue/grey pottery jug with red tulips.


Anne started the days off with a quick talk about the old masters techniques together with a discussion about the type of palette that is best to use. She began her demonstration by showing how to sketch out the drawing in charcoal and how produce a background for the subject . After everyone had completed their backgrounds we had a well earned tea break.


Throughout the rest of each day Anne was on hand to help and guide the others into producing some fantastic work, a small selection of which is shown in this Gallery. Unfortunately, Anne's technique with the camera requires sorting out as some of the photographs do not do the work justice!


The feedback on the days was that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely including one of the group who had not painted in acrylics before. Once again Anne was asked “when are we doing it again?”


If you would like to join in the fun look out for news of our next all-day acrylic workshop. Or you could drop Anne an email asking her to let you know next time we are holding an acrylic day.

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