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Pastel Workshops Aug 2014

During the summer break in August 2014 we held two more of our All-Day Pastel Workshops at our Ware venue at Leaside Church Hall. It was good to see that one of the members of our Stotfold group who came to the last Pastel Workshop once again ventured to our Ware venue. The subject for this workshop was Bright Birds in Pastel.


Everyone brought along pictures of a wide variety of bright birds from Love Birds through to Lilac Breasted Rollers. We used pastel paper in three colours – red, royal blue and thyme.


On both days Anne started the workshop with a discussion and small demonstration of how to use the various types of pastels available. There was also a chat about painting in pastel in general. Anne then went on to show how she lightly draws out the subject with a pastel pencil. Then it was time for her to start to “paint”. On Tuesday her demonstration piece was a flying parrot and on Saturday a parrot sitting on a branch.


After a welcome cup of coffee, everyone settled themselves down and began to think about their own painting, choosing the colour of paper they wanted and thinking about how to draw out the birds. During the day most people completed a couple of different paintings some of which can be seen in this gallery. It has to be said that the standard of work on both days was excellent with some beautiful birds being painted.

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