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Two Mediums Workshop 2014

During the last week of November we held two All-day Workshops the subject of which was Painting in Two Mediums. On both days we had a few new faces from our Ware classes come along and join the regulars at the workshops. Saturday also saw a couple of members of our Stotfold group come and join in the fun.


At the workshops we explored the differences between watercolour and acrylics by painting the same subject, blue iris flowers, in both mediums. This allowed us to compare the techniques and results of using the two mediums and as everyone discovered, although both mediums are water based they yield quite different results.


I started both the days off with a quick talk about painting in watercolour and whether to paint the background first or not. I then went on to paint a picture of the blue iris in a “loose” style. The idea of the watercolour session was to take everyone out of their comfort zone and get them to paint something big and loose on a bigger piece of paper than we normally use.


After lunch we discussed the main differences between watercolour and acrylic and I demonstrated painting the same flowers in acrylic. Not everyone had used acrylics before and some people found it quite difficult to swap from the lightness of watercolour to the thickness of acrylic.


Throughout the rest of each day I was on hand to help and guide the others into producing some fantastic work, a small selection of which is shown in this Gallery. Unfortunately, my technique with the camera does not get any better and with the November light being against me I managed to produce some very grungy photos of the work. On Tuesday there was so much going on that I managed to forget to get the camera out until later in the day so there are fewer photos of that day's work. My apologies to all who attended.


The feedback on both days was that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely including those who had not painted in acrylics before.


“Can I just say how lovely yesterday’s two medium’s workshop was...It was a lovely atmosphere, with very pleasant company, a wonderful choice of flower to paint and great teaching.....thanks again!”


If you would like to join in the fun at one of our workshops or fortnightly classes look out for our news items or you could drop me an email asking for the latest list of classes and workshops. My details are on the right.

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