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Codicote Winter/Spring 2020

Classes Suspended Until Further Notice

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Unlike other art classes we don't ask you to buy any expensive equipment. In fact we provide everything you will need to complete each class. As we are all using the same materials it’s easier for you to follow Anne’s instructions. Also, you won’t have to worry about adjusting your technique to suit your own colours, brushes and paper.


To give you space to work and allow Anne sufficient time to help everyone we limit the number attending each class to twelve. This means that to avoid disappointment you must book your place in advance.


So if you feel like coming along what do you do? To book a place it’s best to email Anne on otherwise call her on 07845 930580 (leave a message if you don’t get through and Anne will call you back).


The cost of each class is £16 and payment is at the beginning of each class either by cash or card.


Each class lasts 2½ hours and there is always a break for free tea and coffee and the all important custard cream or maybe bourbon biscuit!

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A Jumble of Beads - Watercolour

  • Wed Jan 8 1:00 to 3:30

    A little bit of fun to start off the year! I have been scouring the local charity shops for necklaces made of large bright beads in various shapes and colours. Jumbled together on the table they make an interesting burst of shape, colour and texture. Let’s see what we can make of them!


Pink Poppies - Watercolour

  • Wed Jan 22 1:00 to 3:30

    Large delicate pink poppies with very dark centres are beautiful to paint and I just love the tissue paper texture of their petals. To get the almost see through quality of them we will be using cling film. When the paint is dry and the cling film is removed who knows what patterns will appear! With thanks to Sarah for the wonderful photo from her garden.


1950’s Buick - Watercolour

  • Wed Feb 5 1:00 to 3:30

    The car in this weeks photo was parked outside my house for a while a couple of summers ago. I just had to take a reference photo so that I could paint it at a later date. The time has now arrived! Our painting will transport the car to the open roads of West Coast America which will hopefully make it feel more at home!


Dolphins - Watercolour

  • Wed Feb 26 1:00 to 3:30

    As dolphins swim and jump through the sea they make lots of spray! In the class this week we will be using masking fluid (which I don’t use very often) to make the splash as our three dolphins dip back into the sea. We will also be concentrating on the swell and roll of the sea around the dolphins.


A Traffic Light of Peppers - Watercolour

  • Wed Mar 11 1:00 to 3:30

    In this weeks class we will be capturing the bright colours and highlights of bell peppers. The peppers come in assorted colours ranging from red through to yellow and green as you’ll know if you’ve ever seen those triple packs in the supermarket. Lots of shading, highlights and bright colours in this class.


March Hare – Pen and Wash

  • Wed Mar 25 1:00 to 3:30

    This week’s subject lends itself to a “loose” style of painting. We will be working on a head and shoulders painting of a hare showing it’s big eyes and ears. We will use washes of paint to give shape and black waterproof pens to add texture and whiskers.


Spring Flowers - Watercolour

  • Wed Apr 8 1:00 to 3:30

    There are lots of spring flowers to choose from to paint but it really depends on what will be available at the time - it’s all weather and temperature dependent. In this class we will be studying spring flowers and producing the essence of them using colour and shape.


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