watercolour classes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have moved our watercolour classes on-line. Although we cannot meet in person we stick as closely as we can to our normal routine outlined here.

For both beginners and those with a bit more experience our classes are limited to twelve people give everyone time and space to work. This means that Anne can easily guide everyone individually as they are working.

At the beginning of each class Anne welcomes you and shows you what you will be producing in the class. She demonstrates throughout the class enabling you to follow and paint along in bite-size chunks . At the end of each class you should have a completed painting to take home.

Working from either a photograph or a still life Anne varies the classes by choosing from a mixed bag of subjects. Sometimes the still life items are inspired and provided by members of the class – we had great fun with old garden implements for instance! Although the classes are intended to help you to learn to paint Anne makes sure that they aren’t taken too seriously and there is time for fun!

Having been on watercolour classes where you are given a large and often expensive shopping list of items to bring along Anne has learnt that it is much better to provide equipment for everyone to use as part of the class fee. Anne’s philosophy is that you have to have reasonable paint, paper and brushes to produce something you are happy with so we use good quality brand named equipment.

Each class lasts for two and a half hours with a break for free tea and coffee and Anne’s “Unique Selling Point” a custard cream or bourbon biscuit.